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Standard LC Storm Drain Screen Module
Standard LC Storm Drain Screen Module

Galvanized For Durability
The screen frame is cut from a single piece of 12 gage hot rolled steel. The permeable screening is also made from a single piece of 12 gage hot rolled expanded steel. The frame and screening are spot welded together every six inches over the entire frame for strength and lasting durability. There is a single 5/8 inch hole in each end of the frame for attaching the Screen Module to the concrete curb. Additional holes can be added when additional stability is needed. In lengths up to ten feet, the Screen Module is made in a single piece. Screen Modules over ten feet are made in two or more equal sections depending on length.

After fabrication, the Screen Module is given a galvanizing coating. This process includes a five-step acid bath wash prior to the final submersion in a basin of 830°F molten zinc. (ASTM -A-123 specifications are available upon request.) A final finish of gray polyester powder coating is applied for an additional layer of protection.

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Stainless Steel LC Storm Drain Screen Module
Stainless Steel LC Storm Drain Screen Module

Stainless Steel Option For Lasting Durability
The stainless steel screen frame and screening steel are made from 12 gage, 304 stainless steel. All other fabrication standards are the same as the galvanized steel option. The stainless steel screen also receives a final spray protective finish of polyester powder coating.

Each Screen Module comes with the following attachment hardware.
1. 2–Simpson 5/8 x 2 inch stainless steel drop-in, internal threaded expansion shell anchors with a pre-assembled expander plug.
2. 1–setting tool
3. 2–1/2 x 1 inch, grade 18-8, stainless steel 5/16 socket button head cap screws. Tensile (pull) 90 KSI
4. 2–1/2 inch nylon 6/6 flat washers.

Screen Modules have been designed for installation on the street side of the storm gutter opening. This street side application allows for:
1. Ease of installation.
2. Ease of regular maintenance. The screen is simply brushed clean during normal street sweeping.
3. Ease of removal and for repair or replacement.

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How To Order Your Custom Screens

Custom Screens Made To Order
All screens are made to order based on your specifications and needs. Please contact us with your required sizes and quantities so we may provide pricing and lead times.

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